"Black Studies in Europe: A Transnational Dialogue", conférence internationale, Université Libre de Belgique, Bruxelles, 16-17 novembre 2017.


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Herein an abstract of my dissertation:

An Intellectual History of Afrocentrism in the United States

Afrocentrism has been part of the African American intellectual history for more than forty years. It was born in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, following Black nationalisms. It is an idea as well as social practices and trains of thought due to help African Americans to renew ties to Africa. In the 1990s, Afrocentrism spread thanks to the emergence of academic Afrocentrisms led by three historians : Molefi Asante, Maulana Karenga and Leonard Jeffries. It then generated concepts and cultural practices in the African American community though today, many ignore their origins. This study proposes a genealogy of the Afrocentric theses which rely on authors, sources and ideas borrowed from the histories of Black peoples and later adjusted to the African American social context. Additionally, it presents a sociology of Afrocentrisms in the United States which shows how African-Americans use Afrocentrism, turning it into a popular phenomenon before creating Afrocentric milieus.


Research in progress

From Bullied Body to Brown Sugar: Visual Representations of the Black Body and the Diffusion of a Transatlantic Aesthetic.

This project deals with the visual representations of the black body shared by African-Americans in New York and African communities in Paris. It is a comparative work studying the images of the black body today used both in the United States and in France to define black beauty.

In 2009, the first part of this research project was supported by the Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History.

Dernières publications/Just Published

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- Les Black Studies en Europe: des savoirs engagés", Agenda Interculturel, Centre interculturel de Bruxelles, n°341, juillet 2018, p. 16-17. Disponible sur :


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Africa on my Mind: histoire sociale de l'afrocentrisme aux Etats-Unis, Paris, Les Indes savantes, 2016.